About Me

My Story

I am Nick Mayo, a polished technology copywriter, content strategist and SEO specialist. About 10 years ago, I got into the rough-and-tumble sphere of freelance writing. I could write about anything and everything. That is until a technology bug bit me.  This, however did not come as a surprise, why? Glad you ask!

I went to college about ten years ago, studied IT and got a fine piece of paper to crown my achievement. I took that piece of paper to the real world, and the first engagement I got into was with ZUKU, an Internet service provider where I worked as a networking specialist and a researcher for emerging trends. This thrust me into the world of emerging technologies, and I fell in love. The rest, as they says is history, and now we are here.


Simplicity Defines Me

I love breaking down complex developer speak into simple, digestible language. I would find, 5 succinct, simple and actionable worlds to replace 10 complex and overly intellectual ones.

I seek to connect with the modern overmarketed, overtasked technology buyers as well as the skeptical engineers that have great influence on their decisions, all these through my through simple techspeak.

I ask Questions, I Challenge the Norms

Over the last few years that I have been working as a freelance writer, most of my works have been through ghostwriting. I have mostly been working with B2B  businesses and startup SaaS clients on  content creation, content strategy and SEO.

While at work, my mental energy comes first, I am always after personal habits that help improve performance. Finding root problems, sixing processes and challenging some deeply ingrained habits is my drug.


Well, enough about me, lets talk about your project!

Techology Questions