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Technology is ever changing and so B2B businesses ought to find a way to move with the wave. Working in a crowded marketplace can be overwhelming and you need to find a way to stand out:

Luckily you have the solution at hand: tech copywriting.

Having worked in the technology industry for five years, I not only understand how stuff works content creation skills that help generate skills for your business by converting visitors into customers. Over the years, I have mastered the art of studying buyer psychology, and I can easily note the factors that will move a potential buyer into action.

My copywriting skills are best suited for:

  • Landing pages
  • About us pages
  • Service pages
  • Sales pages
  • Category descriptions

And much more..

I offer top notch copywriting with an SEO twist. This will ensure that the content is not only great but also reaches to the target audience.

Reach out today, and we can talks about your project in detail. Email me at () for a quick response.

Product Descriptions

The e-commerce marketplace loves product descriptions since these are the real money makers. Take advantage of their high conversion rate and take your sales over the roof. However, this can also be possible of they are done right. Well, your search ends here; I am always ready to help you nail that perfect voice.

With my five-year experience writing product descriptions for both agencies and individuals, I fully understand what it takes to craft an ideal copy that strikes the balance between intrigue and information.

Whether you are an online business owner, running a shopify store,  ebay lister or Amazon associate, my job is to ensure your products are presented in the most detailed of versions.

As much as I understand the importance of listing the products features in my descriptions, I do not just stop here but go ahead to translate these features into real life expectation. How will their lives be improved by buying the product? 

Here is a test, which of these sentences is more likely to lead into a click?

  1. This athletic shoe features a shock-absorbing rubber sole
  2. Crafted of shock-absorbing rubber sole, this athletic shoe lets you take that next step more conveniently, while still keeping you grounded and flexible.

You would realize how the second sentence is more focused on real-life benefit as opposed to simply mentioning the feature. I craft description copies that that not only identify the pain points but also offer a solution to them.

White Papers

Maneuvering the modern technological business landscape can be a hassle, no doubt.  If you are looking to generate leads, close sales or simply establish thoughtful leadership, then a white paper should be part of your marketing arsenal.

I seek to craft you a modern white paper that deviates from the traditional boring and technical jargon and give it a simple yet deep breakdown of your product or service. You white paper ought to influence prospects and spur them to make the decisions you desire.

I choose to approach my white paper writing like a lawyer but end up writing like the writer I am. I will gather all the evidence that matter in building up my open-and-shut case. I will then present my findings in clear, crisp and convincing terminology.

Let’s, face it, white paper writing is one of the most influential pieces of content you can opt for as a B2B technology enthusiast and business guru. However, most technology vendors seem to struggle much in crafting compelling white papers. This is where I come in  to help you create that informative and effective copy to help improve your ROI.

Over the last few years, I have derived inspiration and learned from top notch white paper experts like Gordon Graham, Michael Stelzner and Jonathan Kantor. I will handle everything from interviews to research to writing and proofreading. Let me take the load off your shoulders as you focus on other equally important aspects of your technology business.

Let me be your white paper go-to guy. Get in touch through  (), and we can discuss more about your project.

Why Me?

Having studied buyer psychology, my copy will be geared towards appealing to your target market, thus driving clicks. This can only mean one thing, higher conversions, more sales; a win-win isn’t it?

Consumers subconsciously go through a step-by step process before they make that purchase. There is a vital role that product descriptions play in this process, and this is where I step in to leverage the same to your benefit.

Conclusively, you can expect:

  • Clear communication from the word go
  • Optimized, well researched and engaging copy
  • Skillful translation of product features into benefits
  • Incorporation of your brand voice in your descriptions
  • A compelling and convincing call-to-action

Do you think this will work for you? Let’s talk! Email me at  and we can talk about the rates and other relevant details to your project.


Content is Still King!

Research shows that businesses that blog much regularly are 12 times more likely to reap a formidable ROI compare to those that do not.

As a business owner in the  technology field, content marketing ought to be your staple and a must-do in your ecommerce endeavors.

Quality Content for your B2B business

Whether you are involved in a SaaS business or any other B2B enterprise, I got you covered with content that converts.

Blog Posts Guru

I bring my over 5 years of experience in blog writing to the table. I will craft content that is:

  • Actionable
  • Informative
  • Engaging
  • Informative for both search engines and readers